Six Beaches, Two Scooters and One Island

As promised, here is a collage of pictures from our adventure scootering around the island of Vis. Max and I woke up at 8 a.m. and decided to run into town to get the scooters. It was about a two and half mile run, but the time flew by because the scenery was so incredible. We got two scooters for 12 hours to share between the three of us, which ended up costing us a mere 18 euros for the day. With map in hand, we set out to see as many beaches as possible by  just going along the cost and taking any left turn into the sea that we could. The day flew by as we bounced from beach to beach. My favorite one we visited was called Stiniva. The hike to get to it was quite the challenge, but the view was absolutely worth it.

One interesting thing about Croatia beaches is that a vast majority of them are rock beaches, not sand. Some have big rocks the size of fists, others are millions of pebbles, but finding anything that resembles sand is quite difficult. The pros to rock beaches are that it is not messy like sand beaches; however, laying down on a bed of rocks to tan is definitely not the most comfortable thing ever.


After our day of exploring, we headed back to the apartment to shower and then went to the marina to have a nice final dinner together.


The next morning, Max and I went on another run before catching the noon ferry back to Split. In Split we sadly parted ways as they were heading over to Montenegro to meet up with some of their friends, and I decided to bop up to Bosnia for a while. Croatia is nice, but it was way too expensive and touristy for my liking.

I am currently in the city of Mostar and am absolutely loving it here. I promise to blog more about it later, but for now, it is nap time.