Blogging and staff resources


For bloggers/writers | The steps in writing a story or blog post 

  1. Write your story.
    • Write in AP style (details below).
    • Contact your editor or Editor-in-Chief if you need story ideas.
  2. Save your story in your shared Google Drive folder (bloggers) or in the Team Drive (staff writers).
  3. Send draft to your editor and/or notify your editor that it is finished.
  4. Work on the feedback from your editor.
  5. Provide photos for the post if possible.

For editors | The steps in editing a story or blog post

  1. Your writer will send you their stories.
  2. Edit for content in AP style (details below).
    • Make corrections to grammar and minor structural issues.
    • If there are issues with content that you think could be improved, work with your writer to fix them.
  3. Send edited story to Ruth/Sophia to approve and post to website.


Souvenirs writes in AP style, as that is the style favored by most professional journalism outlets. Here are major things to note about AP style:

  • No oxford commas
  • Spell out numbers zero through nine, use digits for 10 and up
  • If a number starts a sentence, spell it out no matter how big it is (Ex: Seventeen students went on the trip to Paris.)
  • Spell out percent, don’t use the % sign
  • Use a single space after each period
  • Periods and commas go inside quotation marks (Ex: The sign read, “Donuts this way.” not, The sign read, “Donuts this way”.)
  • Abbreviation for United States is U.S., not US
  • Use ok, not okay
  • Check out this guide for more info

Other stylistic notes

  • Headings: Capitalize only the first word and proper nouns

Story ideas

Listicle and story ideas (Google Doc)

Email [email protected] if you have questions.

Photo by Christian Zimonick