Paige Strigel, editor in chief

Paige is a senior studying English Lit and Journalism Reporting. Her most recent adventure was studying abroad in London for spring of 2019. She couldn′t be convinced to return in May, so she spent the summer living with a family in northern Italy as an au pair. When she’s not on the road, Paige loves to read, cook, and teach yoga.

Ana Demendoza, deputy editor in chief

Ana is a senior from Miami, Florida majoring in Journalism, International Studies with a certificate in European Studies. As a child of Venezuelan immigrants, Ana has been exposed to numerous cultures and nationalities growing up in a minority-majority city. Along with personal trips to places like Panama and England, Ana has participated in service trips to countries including Brazil, Thailand, Peru and Mongolia. Ana plans to use her background to uplift diverse voices in the conversation of travel.

Genevieve Vahl, deputy editor in chief

Genevieve Vahl is a senior this year. Traveling has always been her passion, but her time studying abroad in Berlin, Germany really honed her appreciation for other places, people and cultures; a xenophile, you could call her. She is studying Journalism with certificates in Graphic Design and Digital Studies, hoping to train her written and visual communication skills to relay her experiences interacting with art and culture constantly evolving around her. She believes that you live and you learn from every experience, person and place you interact with, whether bad or good. Traveling with this calm curiosity has opened her up to many opportunities to build her to who she is today.

Ashley Luehmann, marketing director

Ashley is a Senior studying Strategic Communications and Entrepreneurship. She studied abroad in Italy last spring, giving her an irreparable affinity for espresso. Ashley has traveled to 15 National Parks so far and hopes to one day see them all. When not daydreaming about her next road trip, Ashley loves to kayak, downhill ski, and float on the boat with her dogs.

Lily Oberstein, art director

Lily is a junior from New York City studying Journalism, Legal Studies, and Art History. She doesn’t know how to drive so she carries her passport around with her instead of a drivers licenses! Instead of driving her preferred mode of transportation is commuting by raft. Lily’s goal is to double the number of stamps in her passport (and maybe even learn how to drive).

Ana Komro, editor

Ana is a senior majoring in English, Creative Writing. Though she’s aspired to travel abroad ever since her family took her to Germany when she was six years old, she currently finds herself exploring the United States. One of her (many) plans is to visit all the national parks, and revisit her favorites. Upon graduating, she’d like to pursue a career in editing. In her free time, Ana enjoys reading good books, writing stories, spending time outdoors, and rediscovering her love for Star Wars.

Emma Liverseed, editor

Emma is a senior majoring in English, specifically Creative Writing. Whether she’s boating on the Ligurian Sea, eating a brat in the Bavarian Alps, or enjoying the Wisconsin Northwoods, Emma loves travel of all kinds. When she’s not checking Google Flights or scrolling through TripAdvisor, Emma enjoys hiking, writing poems, and playing tennis.

Megan Janssen, editor & staff writer

Megan is a senior double majoring in Journalism and Spanish. Most recently, she spent the spring semester of 2019 in Madrid, Spain, practicing her Spanish and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee. Upon graduating, she hopes to work abroad in a Spanish speaking country to continue exploring new places and better her Spanish language skills. When Megan isn’t dreaming of café con leche, she loves running, cooking and being with friends and family.

Allison Streckenbach, editor & staff writer

Allison is a recent graduate of UW Madison with a bachelors degree in International Studies and Human Geography. She is back to pursue a Master’s degree in Global Higher Education. She studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2017 and in Leeds, England in 2018. Her goals for this year include expanding the accessibility of the magazine and hearing from more international students on the UW campus. For fun she likes to watch Buzzfeed Unsolved and try out new recipes.

Kim Asseily, staff writer

Kim is a Senior studying Communication Arts and Environmental studies with a certificate in Digital Studies. She is a curious wanderer who loves learning and immersing herself in new cultures. If she could live in every country in the world, she would. When she’s not traveling or on the lookout for the next adventure, Kim is either swimming, hiking, reading or making some delicious smoothie bowls.

Mason Hakes, staff writer

Mason is a first-year grad student studying Speech Pathology, which he studied along with Portuguese for his undergrad degree. Mason has studied abroad in Germany and Brazil. His goals are to work as a speech therapist in Montréal while simultaneously writing for a travel or food publication. When he’s not studying languages, catch him eating shawarma or tacos wherever they are sold.

Chandler Maas, staff writer

Chandler is a junior majoring in International Studies with a French certificate and a compulsion to see the world. Her goals include visiting every continent before 30 and working for a non-profit. When not on the move, Chandler enjoys hiking, cooking and socializing more than she should.

Diana Powers, staff writer

Diana is a junior studying Nutritional Science on the pre-med track. When she isn’t studying, she loves to capture the beauty of her travels through photography and by writing in her travel journal. Aside from constantly wanting to catch a flight out of Wisco and to somewhere full of unknown sights, she spends her free time running on Lakeshore path and hammocking in the sun. She enjoys being able to share her travels with the readers of Souvenirs and hopes to be going somewhere exciting during the coming year.

Kiersten McDevitt, blogger abroad

Kiersten is a junior studying English and Communication Arts. She is constantly thinking about her next travel destination, especially the ones near an ocean. She has a passion for writing and for exploring new places on the road less traveled. She spends her free time running, enjoying the outdoors, and browsing Spotify. Currently, Kiersten is spending her semester abroad in London.