Ruth Brandt, editor in chief

Ruth is a senior studying Strategic Communications, Spanish and Political Science. Her most recent adventure was a semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain, this past spring (and she’s already dying to go back). When she’s not planning her next adventure, you’ll find Ruth reading, writing or looking for new music to listen to.

Sophia Dramm, editor in chief

Sophia is a senior studying Mass Communication and History. She studied abroad in London for a semester during her sophomore year and most recently backpacked around Europe in summer of 2018. She loves being a part of Souvenirs because it combines her passions for writing and travel; it’s her dream to write for a professional travel magazine after graduating. If that doesn’t work out, she plans to give up on the States and move back to London.

Kynala Phillips, art director

Kynala Phillips is a senior double majoring in Journalism and Black Women Studies. She loves creating zines and reporting for local and online magazines and newspapers. She’s studied abroad in Brazil and London. Kynala loves dancing, singing, NBC’s This Is Us and of course, raspberry sorbet.

Lily Oberstein, associate art director

Lily is a junior from New York City studying Journalism, Legal Studies, and Art History. She doesn’t know how to drive so she carries her passport around with her instead of a drivers licenses! Instead of driving her preferred mode of transportation is commuting by raft. Lily’s goal is to double the number of stamps in her passport (and maybe even learn how to drive).

Emma Liverseed, editor and staff writer

Emma is a junior double majoring in English and Spanish. Her most recent trip took her to Belgium, France and the U.K. She hopes to visit three more countries over the next year to reach her goal of 21 countries at the age of 21. When she’s not checking Google Flights or scrolling through TripAdvisor, Emma enjoys hiking, writing poems, and playing tennis.

Ana Demedoza, editor and staff writer

Ana is a junior studying Mass Communications and International Studies. Growing up in Miami, Florida (the 305!), in a Venezuelan immigrant family, Ana has been exposed to countless cultures and nationalities all her life by living in the minority-majority city. Along with personal trips to places like Spain and Jamaica, Ana has participated in trips with TIME International and US-Brazil Connect to Paraguay, England, Peru, Mongolia, Romania and, most recently, Brazil. In the future, Ana plans to complete her master’s degree at a UK university and work in the BBC as a multimedia journalist covering international politics.

Mason Hakes, editor and staff writer

Mason is a senior studying Speech Pathology and Portuguese and has studied abroad in Germany and Brazil. His goals are to work as a speech therapist in Montréal while simultaneously writing for a travel or food publication. When he’s not studying languages, catch him eating shawarma or tacos wherever they are sold.

Chandler Maas, editor and staff writer

Chandler is a sophomore majoring in International Studies with a French certificate and a compulsion to see the world. Her goals include visiting every continent before 30 and working for a non-profit. When not on the move, Chandler enjoys hiking, cooking and socializing more than she should.

Nicola Brown, staff writer

Nicola is a sophomore double-majoring in English and Zoology. She grew up in Wolverhampton, England, and Dresden, Germany, before moving to the US, so she travelled all around Europe as a child. Nicola’s most recent trip was to South Africa, and she goes back home to Scotland every year. When Nicola is not traveling, she loves riding horses and playing polo almost every day.

Tobin Zolkowski, staff writer

Tobin is a deaf American citizen born in Australia, who grew up in Indonesia. He is a third-year student who left upstate New York to move to UW-Madison in the fall of 2018. Tobin has often traveled to Asia, Europe and North America. His goal is to visit all regions of Latin America and Africa. Tobin’s hobbies are motorcycling and exploring new things abroad. At least once a year, Tobin travels abroad. In his free time, he reads books, goes to the gym or yoga studio or has a drink.

Paige Strigel, staff writer

Paige is a junior studying English Lit and Journalism with a certificate in Italian. She’s got a travel bucket list a mile long, and her next adventure will be studying abroad Spring 2019. She’s got a thing for castles, mountains, oceans and seeing (and writing about) them all with as little luggage as possible. When she’s staying put, Paige is an obsessive reader and loves figure skating, yoga and spending as much time as she can with her pets.

Megan Janssen, staff writer

Megan Janssen is a Junior studying Journalism and Mass Communication and Spanish. She fell in love with travel after visiting a friend two years ago and traveling throughout Scandinavia and Greece. Her next big adventure will be spending spring semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. When she isn’t planning for abroad, Megan loves running, cooking and binge watching a good Netflix or Hulu show.

Genevieve Vahl, staff writer

Genevieve is a junior studying Strategic Communication with a certificate in Graphic Design and Digital Studies. She hopes to one day be the art director for a magazine like Souvenirs to combine art, traveling and writing, aka her passions. Her recent travels to Scotland and Ireland have given her content to create her own personal zine of the trip. (Watch for it coming out soon on our website!) She will continue doing her passions while studying abroad in the spring in Berlin, Germany. On her off days, G likes to see live music, be outside and read.

Diana Powers, staff writer

Diana is a sophomore studying Nutritional Science on the pre-med track. When she isn’t studying, she loves to capture the beauty of her travels through photography and by writing in her travel journal. Aside from constantly wanting to catch a flight out of Wisco and to somewhere full of unknown sights, she spends her free time running on Lakeshore path and hammocking in the sun. She enjoys being able to share her travels with the readers of Souvenirs and hopes to be going somewhere exciting during the coming year.

Allie Fitzwater, staff writer

Allie is a senior studying Strategic Communications and Digital Studies. She recently spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where she finally experienced Catalan and Spanish culture. Besides traveling and studying, you can find Allie in the studio at WSUM or collaging pieces from magazines.

Sinclair Richards, staff writer

Sinclair is a Junior Majoring in Communication Arts and Environmental Studies with certificates in Global Health and Photography. She finds happiness in spur of the moment road trips with friends, family ski trips, and extended stays to learn about unfamiliar places. Some of her favorite places are Park City and Northern Japan. This semester she is setting sail in the Caribbean for the semester and sailing between St. Thomas and Grenada. 

Caysi Simpson, staff writer

Caysi is a Senior studying Journalism and International Studies. She has been heavily influenced in life by her service trips to Thailand and India, which gave her a new appreciation for world cultures. Two years ago, she also taught English in Rome for a summer, and is very excited to write about her adventures in the Italian country! When she isn’t busy studying, she is either looking up flight prices to travel or is reading, singing, and enjoying the good company of friends.