Photo contest

Have taken a photo so incredible that it could be in National Geographic?

Well, we’re not exactly National Geographic, but we’re close enough. Submit to the Souvenirs photo contest for a chance to be on the front page cover of the Souvenirs spring print issue!

The deadline to submit to the Spring 2021 photo contest is Sunday, February 29, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

How it works

Submit your photos for our cover photo contest by emailing us at [email protected] by the deadline. A few days later, we will announce the 10 best photos to be voted on for the front cover. These semi-finalist photos will be posted on the Souvenirs Facebook page, where likes will count as votes. We encourage you to like the page and share the post to increase your chances of winning. Voting will close after one week. The Souvenirs creative team will pick from the top three photos with the most likes for the front cover. The winner will be announced via Facebook.

All photos submitted will also be considered for the inside of the magazine. And if you do not win, don’t fret: we will include the top contending photos in the magazine as well, just not on the cover.


Any photo(s) submitted must be your own. If you have participated for the contest before, please do not enter photos you have submitted in the past.

Photos must be taken on a camera, not on a phone, as photos from phones get pixelated when they are enlarged. Phone photos will automatically be disqualified from being considered for the front cover. (You can, however, submit phone photos for the inside of the magazine, they will just be smaller sized.)

Submission criteria

All photography art pieces must have an image quality of 300 DPI with CMYK coloring. They should be submitted in JPG or PNG. We may request from you a TIFF version. Images should be submitted at their full resolution to allow for proper sizing in the print issue.

Please name your photos as Last name_Country where photo was taken (ex: Smith_Spain). For each photo taken in the same country, add a number after the country name (ex: Smith_Spain1, Smith_Spain2, Smith_Spain3, etc.). No need to put underscores between the words of locations if it has multiple words in its name – just between your last name and the location name. Include a document that lists where each picture was taken (city and country).

If you’re interested in submitting written work to the magazine, click here for information.

Photo taken by Moriah Ziman, spring 2018 photo contest winner.