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Do you love to travel? Show it through your work! Souvenirs accepts written and photo submissions to be published in our biannual print magazines.

The deadline to submit to the fall 2018 print magazine and photo contest is Monday, October 1, 2018, at 11:59 PM. 

Submit your work here:

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Submission criteria

With each piece, please include the full title, your name, year in school, email and continent(s) pertaining to your work. All submissions must be related to some type of travel, global and/or multicultural experiences. (Travel from within the U.S. does counts!)

Students from all majors may submit, but we encourage you to create content for a wide audience including the entire campus community.

Written work

Souvenirs is open to all writing types and topics as long as they are related to travel. The most popular written work is essays, short stories, reflections and poetry. An emerging form of storytelling on Souvenirs is with listicles (think BuzzFeed style stories): elaborate on a topic in the form of a list such as things you learned abroad, your favorite places you visited, tips for traveling, etc. These are all suggestions, and you may write about any topic related to travel and in any style you prefer.

Written work should be in DOC, DOCX or TXT format. Please write in standard AP style. Essays that exceed 2,000 words may be edited for length. If there are any additional materials that you would like to include with your piece (such as an accompanying photo), please include them as part of the same submission.

New this year: Souvenirs will be accepting written submissions in ALL languages for the fall 2018 print issue. If you submit a written piece in a language other than English, please (1) note the language in the submission and (2) upload an English translation to be posted to the Souvenirs website.

Please name your document as Last name_Title of work (ex: Smith_What I learned studying abroad). No need to put underscores between the words of the title if it has multiple words in its name – just an underscore between your last name and the document name.

Photography and artwork

All photography art pieces must have an image quality of 300dpi with CMYK coloring. They should be submitted in JPG or PNG. We may request from you a TIFF version. Images should be submitted at their full resolution to allow for proper sizing in the print issue.

Include a document that lists where each picture was taken (city and country). You should be able to submit 10 photographs per submission, but feel free to submit more than that.

Please name your photos as Last name_Country where photo was taken (ex: Smith_Spain). For each photo taken in the same country, add a number after the country name (ex: Smith_Spain1, Smith_Spain2, Smith_Spain3, etc.). No need to put underscores between the words of locations if it has multiple words in its name – just between your last name and the location name.

All photos submitted can be entered in Souvenirsphoto contest!

The winning photo of the contest, which will be determined by votes, will be featured on the front cover of the print magazine. Find out more about it here.

Photo by Josie Sajbel