Strange, Isn’t It?

How someone can come into your life for a fleeting moment and make an impact that lasts a lifetime. How a single conversation can change your perspective. A mistake can take you someplace beautiful. A small step outside of your comfort zone can show you an entirely different world. A chance meeting blossoms inside you a love, a passion, a dream. The world, which you thought you saw in color before, becomes vibrant and new. Your very being begs to learn and explore; it begs for more – more color, more light, more sound – more and more. You find someone who brings out the best in you. You find out how to bring the best out in yourself. You treat every bump in the road as a new adventure, every cliff as a starting point for flying. You feel, you dream, you laugh, you cry – you live. 

Do not let life keep you from living. Do what makes you happy, be who makes you happy. Go and see what you have always wanted to see, do what you have always wanted to do. Along the way you will find new loves, new solutions, new strengths, new journeys. You learn how to persevere, you learn how to overcome. You learn to feel, to do, to take action. Strange, isn’t it? We talk so much about life but sometimes we can forget how to truly live it. That it’s too short not to live. What makes it worth living.