Staying fit while on the go

While traveling can be all fun and games, it is still important to make sure we stay healthy while on the go. Luckily, staying fit can actually help you see more the places you are traveling to. Whether you take any of these suggestions is up to you, but I find that keeping active and staying healthy helps me to enjoy the trip and the memories much more. Doubtful? Hear me out!

Staying active

This is actually the easiest part of staying healthy. There are so many ways to keep moving while traveling. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Going for long walks around where you are staying during the early morning can give you a unique view of where you’re staying. To see even more of the sights, you can go for a quick jog to cover more ground. Even better, if you have a competitive side, you can sign up to run a race somewhere cool, like my sister and I who ran a 5k while we were visiting the Bahamas.
  • If you are somewhere warm, swimming in an pool or natural body of water gets the blood pumping as well.
  • If you are somewhere chilly, heading outside for activities like snowshoeing, skiing and ice skating are perfect to experience the sights too.
My sister and I after finishing our race in the Bahamas

Eating well

This might be the most difficult part of traveling. Whether it is the $15 sandwiches at the airport or the fact that gelato is irresistable, traveling can sometimes put a damper on healthy eating. However, the key is moderation.

  • Try to have at least one full and balanced meal a day, that way you can eat ice cream for the rest of your meals.
  • Salads are a really great way to get in the nutrients you need to keep you happy and energized.
  • Definitely do not deprive yourself of having treats and special foods, because that is half the fun of traveling!

Having a healthy mind

Staying mentally healthy often gets forgotten when traveling, between getting through the hectic airport terminals and fitting in all the vistas. Here are some tips on how to keep your mind healthy too:

  • Sleep! I can not stress this enough. Your brain needs time to recover from all the fun you have been having.
  • Make time to relax, you’re on vacation for goodness’ sake! You can go to the beach, sit in a hot tub or even Facetime a friend.
  • Do some relaxing activities. (Yoga on the beach anyone?!) Even just reading a book can give you the “me time” you really need.