9 reasons you should submit to Souvenirs print magazine

Souvenirs is now accepting submissions for our print magazine! Submissions are written works and photography from your experiences abroad. So why should you spend your time submitting? Keep reading.

1. You get to relive your travels by writing about them. (Remember, any travel counts, whether it was studying abroad in Europe, spring breaking in Mexico or road tripping in the U.S.)

2. It’s a really rewarding way to commemorate your time traveling.

3. You will have bragging rights for all eternity because you will be published in a magazine.

4. Which means you can add “published in a magazine” to your resume. That’s pretty neat.

5. You can also put this work in your portfolio, which is something really unique to include, especially if your major doesn’t involve a lot of writing.

6. You’ll have a physical printed copy of your work, which is rare in the digital age. (Wait… what is print?)

7. Which means, for Mom and Grandma, they’ll love you even more when they read your writing that’s not on a computer screen for once. 

8. Your work will be read by thousands, as Souvenirs magazine is distributed all over campus (and, btw, is free to everyone).

9. Bonus: If you submit your travel photos to Souvenirsphoto contest, your pic could be featured on the ~front cover~ of the magazine. You will literally be the face of Souvenirs and go down in Souvenirs history.

Check out how to submit work to achieve all these perks of being in Souvenirs’  print magazine!

Cover photo by Moriah Ziman