Oregon must-sees

Water-fall in love with Oregon

At the start of last summer, my gal pals and I were itching to take a trip to Oregon. We wanted to explore the land around Portland to find the best hiking spots and the best waterfalls, both of which are things Oregon is known for. Here is a list of the four spots I recommend venturing to if you find yourself in this West Coast state. I saved my personal favorite for last!

1. Multnomah Falls

While probably the most touristy waterfall in Oregon, this doesn’t take away from Multnomah Falls’ sincere beauty. It is only a 30-minute drive outside of Portland. Plus, it’s a fun, easy hike to take family and friends up to get to the top of the waterfall – in total, the distance from the bottom of the waterfall to the top is only one mile. The waterfall at the top and the surrounding scenery are sure to make for a picturesque view.

2. Seaside, Oregon

If you enjoy hearing the roar of the ocean waves washing onto the shore, or are looking for a place to take a casual stroll in the sand, then Seaside, Oregon is for you! But don’t forget a cozy sweater – I went in May, and being by the coast made it pretty windy. I wore jeans and tennis shoes, but this didn’t stop me from slipping my toes into the cold ocean water… it added to the experience!

3. Powell’s Bookstore, Portland, Oregon

Calling all book lovers! This place has almost over 1.5 acres of retail floor space… need I say more? There are floors for every genre out there. Whether you like mystery, romance, teen fiction, historical science, or something else, Powell’s will have a book (or 100) to keep you entertained. I almost lost my friends in this store, and almost myself (not that it would have been a bad thing!) Powell’s offers books both new and used, so the prices are never unreasonable. The only problem will be leaving without buying all of the books there.

4. Abiqua Falls

Alright, I could go on and on about my love for Abiqua Falls, but I’ll keep it quick. Abiqua Falls is definitely a hidden treasure in Oregon, only an hour and a half drive from Portland. From there, it is a mile hike round trip. So if you like hiking but can’t manage anything longer than a few miles without passing out, give Abiqua a shot! The only downside is that the trail is unpaved and pretty steep. Also, my friend saw a snake along our way down the dirt and over the tree stumps, so if you’ve got a fear, just make sure someone else takes the lead.

Regardless, the hike is worth it! At the bottom, you’ll reach the river and follow some rocks before you suddenly come through to this stunning clearing surrounded by hills, with a waterfall at the center. Here, you can relax and enjoy a nice picnic (because you earned it). If you don’t believe its magnificence, check out the pictures below.

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