The best beauty products for travel

Because of annoying TSA regulations and the lack of space on planes, trains and buses, travelers are often limited when it comes to the makeup and beauty products they can bring with them on their adventures. Lucky for you, I like to believe I have mastered the art of packing beauty products for any trip, whether it be for a backpacking adventure or a romp through a foreign city. Keep reading to discover the best tried-and-true multitasking makeup products for when you just can’t live without your makeup bag.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

For starters, this moisturizer comes in a perfectly sized bottle, making it great for travel. A personal favorite of mine, this Aveeno moisturizer not only moisturizes the skin, but also evens skin tone and texture and contains SPF 15 (without that gross sunblock smell). Use it on your face or the rest of your body. Plus, for all of my sensitive skin gals out there, it’s fragrance free, so it won’t irritate your skin.

Find it here for $13. 

Multitasking makeup brushes

There is no need to pack a billion makeup brushes when you travel. Instead, find a couple brushes that can be used for multiple purposes. My favorite trick is using a makeup brush with a small, fluffy, oval-shaped or round head to blend or apply concealer, eyeshadow or highlighter. A fluffy brush makes eyeshadow application much easier and because the head is not dense, it disperses the product better and thus makes for great highlighter application. Beauty sponges are also great multitaskers, however because they retain moisture, they’re not great for travel (damp beauty sponge + long flight in hot suitcase = gross). Or, if you don’t want to pack any brushes at all, you already have these handy makeup tools called fingers.

Find it here for $8. 

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

This makeup primer serves a couple of functions. It allows for smoother makeup application and increases the longevity of your makeup, meaning less reapplications throughout the day and less hassle. The Hangover primer also moisturizes the skin, which means you can skip the face lotion. Also, with coconut water as one of its main ingredients, the Hangover primer refreshes the skin, perfect for after a long day of travel and dry airplane air.

Find it here for $32. 

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

Where do I even begin? This CC cream combines coverage, color correction, hydration, anti-aging properties and a whopping SPF 50 (again, without that sunblock smell). Unlike most CC or BB creams that provide only sheer to light coverage, this CC cream is medium to full coverage, but doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or caked. Because of this, this CC cream can easily transition from day to night: Use a small amount or mix it with your favorite face lotion for a relaxed light to medium coverage daytime look, and build it up to full coverage for your night out. Plus, the yellow undertones cancel out redness and dark circles, so you can leave the concealer at home.


Find it here for $38. 

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Use these towelettes for a quick and easy way to remove makeup or cleanse your skin. The towelettes come in a few varieties, from hydrating to calming to fragrance free. Plus, since they are towelettes, pesky TSA liquid regulations do not apply.

Find it here for $9. 

Tinted brow gel (bonus points if it’s waterproof)

If you’re someone like me who has sparse eyebrows, or you’re blessed with thick eyebrows but you like adding volume: Acquaint yourself with tinted brow gels. Tinted brow gels tint your eyebrow hairs (duh) while adding volume and depth. Depending on the brand, often times the brow gel may even deposit fibers when you swipe it on, making your eyebrows appear thicker. Using a tinted brow gel is a very quick and easy way to complete your look: Just swipe it on and go. A great option is the Glossier Boy Brow, which is only $16 online.

Find it here for $16. 

The Balm Cosmetics In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Palette

I saved the best for last! This is my ride-or-die makeup palette and greatest beauty travel hack. In one palette, you get four eyeshadow shades, three blush shades, one bronzer shade and one highlighter shade, eliminating the need to pack 10 different makeup palettes. Plus it’s affordable and great quality: Despite the size of the makeup samples, the palette will last forever. Not a fan of this brand? Many cosmetic brands offer similar face and cheek palettes. Just throw this versatile option in your bag and you’re good to go!

Find it here for $32. 

Do you have any handy makeup tips or tricks? Comment below!