Stages of getting through a ridiculously long flight

From determination to delusion, here are the stages you’ll go through on painfully long flights.

This will be fun!

Ooh, airplane food!

I bet the flight is like halfway done now.

hOW has it only been 73 minutes???

Movies! So many movies!

Ok so half of them are Korean sitcoms without subtitles but that’s fine, I’ll just watch 27 Dresses six times!

What if the plane runs out of gas? How does it even stay up this long??

I’m never doing this ever again.

What time zone am I even in? What day is it?? Am I real???

Nice clouds. Very nice clouds. So… soft and cloudy.

Ok get me out of here.

Somehow this meal tastes even more like cardboard than the first.

I’m not even sure I remember how to walk.

The only thing I want in the entire world is a shower.


I give up. I live here now.

Wait. “Prepare for landing”? It’s almost over!!!

And now I get to explore this new country! (THIS WAS ALL WORTH IT)

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