Follow these bloggers if you want major wanderlust

Let these travel bloggers, vloggers and photographers help inspire your next destination.

1. Darrin Stevens @darrin_stevens

Based in Ontario, Canada, Darrin Stevens specializes in foggy summers and crisp cold winters. On his blog, he reflects on his life in northern Canada, illustrating just how beautiful it can be to live somewhere so eerily remote.

2. Sam Kolder @sam_kolder

Sam Kolder is a videographer with a knack for jumping off cliffs that no one else will, climbing on top of cranes and hanging off of buildings way too many stories up. He posts pictures  Instagram is filled with pictures of him on top of buildings in beautiful cities and under waterfalls in jungle paradise. On YouTube his videos are beautifully cinematic with drone shots over exotic landscapes color graded into moody perfection.  3. Cynthia Corona @cyncynti 

Cynthia Corona is a traveler and photographer from Mexico who lives in the UK. Her Instagram feed is bright and colorful, with shots of landscapes and architecture around the globe. Each post on her blog is written in both English and Spanish.

4. Rob Strok @robstrok

If you love Instagram feeds that are perfectly curated into a dark and distinct color palette, Rob Strok is your man. As well as his photography, Rob vlogs his adventures, which often include carrying drones on hours-long hikes just for one crazy cool drone shot.

5. Ciara @hey_ciara

Ciara is a solo female traveler who is experienced in travelling on a tight budget and meeting people while traveling alone. Her photo captions tell short stories about what she’s doing and how she got there, while her Instagram stories often feature advice based on her experiences.

6. Andrea Ference  @vagabondhearts

While she often travels all over the world, Andrea spends the majority of her time conquering difficult hikes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. As she hikes and camps in craggy mountains overlooking crystalline lakes she  documents the entire adventure on her Instagram stories and her blog.

7. Margarita Samsonova @s_marga

Margarita is adventurous and spunky with a sense of humor about everything she does, even her job. If you want to know the best way to travel instead of what the tourist brochures will tell you, the behind-the-scenes of your favorite Instagram locations and what’s overrated and what isn’t, give her a follow. To read about more of what she’s up to, from living off the land in remote forests to hitchhiking her way into national parks, she is also a writer for Dame Traveler.

8. Elise Cook @elisecook

Australian Elise Cook is living that #VanLife with her husband, Domenic (@domenicpalumbo). Their Kombi, Scout, is decorated to Pinterest-perfection and serves as the background in many of Elise’s photos of gorgeous deserted beaches in South Australia. Elise documents hours of driving across Australian outback, Scout’s inevitable breakdowns and more on her Instagram stories and her blog.

9. Aggie Lal @travel_inhershoes

Aggie will give you your fill of exotic tropical paradise, one beautiful photograph after another but she’s tougher than she seems. Aggie’s travelling began when she and an ex bought a sailboat and learned how to sail by sailing – alone – across the Pacific Ocean. Aggie uses Instagram stories and vlogs to show her followers more of what she’s doing and where she is, and often emphasizes not just travelling to places for the photo. She spends a lot of time talking to the locals she meets, getting to know them instead of just using them as a ticket to double taps.

10. Jack Harding @jackharding

Jack Harding is a Sweden-based photographer who takes dark and eerie landscape photos. His incredible drone shots are often of wild coastline throughout Europe. No matter where he travels though, his style is immediately recognizable.

11. Louis Cole @funforlouis

Louis Cole is the epitome of hipster backpacker turned Instagrammer. He vlogs constantly, releasing new videos every couple of days about where he is, what he’s doing and the ups and downs of being continuously on the road. In true backpacker style, he talks to everyone he meets which is reflected in his Instagram feed; he photographs people, animals and landscapes all over the world. Currently Louis is flying around the world in 90 days, documenting global diversity.

12. Chelsea Yamase @chelseakauai

Hawaii-based Chelsea Yamase is a travel photographer whose photos will make you want to grab a flight to a remote mountain range and become one with nature. From Africa to Asia to her native Hawaii, Chelsea uses her blog and Instagram to highlight the beauty of pristine, untouched nature combined with the occasional photo of her insane free diving skills.