Cliff Jumping in Cassis

Today was even more beautiful. We visited the Mediterranean, just outside of Marseille, where the water is the bluest blue and the loveliest aqua I have ever seen. By the end of the day we were a bit roasted by the sun, but felt none of the heat due to the adrenaline rushing through our veins.

Initially I was worried to leap into the sea, but after watching the locals dive right in, I just had to try it. I might have a few bruises after jumping 30 feet, but the experience was completely worth it.

When I plunged into the water, I could hear a pleasant crackling sound coming from pebbles stirring on the bottom of the sea, before I resurfaced to climb the cliffs and repeat the process.

Our friend, a local daredevil, decided to backflip off of the highest cliff. After considering his maneuver for what felt like hours rather than minutes, his agile body arched smoothly through the air and landed perfectly and impressively in the water.

My taste of the Mediterranean leaves me thirsty for more. I cannot wait to see what next weekend has in store.