Marhabaan, Morocco

I have offically made it to Morocco! I flew out of Madrid on Sunday at noon, arrived in Marrakech an hour later, then took a three hour bus to the city of Agadir, followed by two more taxis before I arrived in my final destination – the small town of Tamraght. My internship starts on the 15th, but I wanted to get to Morocco a little early to do some exploring. Tamraght is a littletown close to Taghazout, which is known for its beaches and surfing. I have been staying at Lunar Surf Hostel the past few days and have been absolutely loving it.

My first day there I did not do much because I got there rather late in the day… just in time for sunset actually, which is when everyone breaks their Ramadan fast. I ate at the hostel with all the workers, and we feasted on an insane amount of traditional Moroccan cuisine. Bread, slow cooked vegetable dishes, two type of smoothies, fish, a fruit salad and of course tea. We all sat on the floor in a circle and ate around a big table. It was really a cool experience. After we were done stuffing ourselves, we all sat around a campfire on the roof, and the guys played the guitar and sang in Arabic/French.

The next morning all the hostel people ate breakfast together on the roof, and we feasted once again. Literally, the food here is so amazing.  Breakfast consited of more bread, an egg scramble bake with tomatoes and cheese, lots of dipping sauces, a fruit bowl, oranges baked with cinnamon, some weird (but tasty) type of cinnamon toast and yogurt. Not a bad way to start ones day if you ask me.

I was blissfully enjoying my food coma when a Danish brother/sister duo cam up and ask if I wanted to go on a run with them. My immediate reaction was just to laugh at them. In the past four weeks, I do not think that I have done anything more physically strenous than walking. The thought of an eight mile run, especially after all the food I had just eaten, was comical to me. However, 30 minutes later, I was on the beach racing along the sand to try and keep up with the crazy Danes.

Three hours later we were back at the hostel – uterally exhausted and covered in sand. We took a quick shower, nap and the played cards to pass the time until dinner when we could feast once again.
Although I have not seen much of Morocco yet, I am so beyond excited to be able to spend the next five weeks exploring what this beautiful country has to offer. I have one more day left on the beach and then tomorrow it is off to Agadir!