26,220 words* on Oxford

Cardiff University takes very good care of its international students.  A student-led club called “Give It a Go” sponsors cheap trips to various locales of interest near and far.  My friends and I have been taking full advantage of these trips, and recently we gave Oxford a go!  (Just ten pounds for a round-trip bus – shut up and take my money, Cardiff.)

In case you’ve ever wondered how much time is enough time to sufficiently explore Oxford, the collegiate, elegant city in mid England, I can help you out a bit: five hours is not a good lower boundary.  It’s nowhere near enough time.  Yet five hours was all we had, and so, by golly**, we did what we could.  Highlights include the view from St. Peter’s Cathedral, colleges with lovely courtyards, and the outdoor market where five of my hat-buying friends shamed Ida for not buying a hat.  I’d happily return to Oxford, but with so many more destinations waiting to be given a go, I think we squeezed a full experience into our trip.



*Because each picture is worth 1,000 words, plus this introduction you’ve just read…eh? eh?  Go on, then.

**Professors tend to say things like this here, wholly sincerely.  They also throw around terms like “billy-o”, “hither and thither”, etc.