Ahh Friday. There’s nothing more elating than waking up on one of Scotland’s rare sunny mornings knowing that you’ve got an entire weekend of freedom ahead of you.

My flatmates and I began our day late, heading off to the University to explore clubs, and to get proof that Scotland does see sunlight:


We followed this up by wandering about the city, eventually stopping at the most perfect café I’ve ever come across. It was exactly what a café should be: warm and inviting, the tables on the second floor mismatched and artfully worn, and the whole building seemed to radiate a sense of contentedness. I ordered a macchiato and some fairly enormous raisin-studded scones, which came with small pots of jam and clotted cream. Clotted cream seems to be somewhere between whipped cream and butter in consistency, and its richness was cut nicely by the bitterness of the coffee.

After that leisurely midafternoon snack, we made our way to the botanic gardens.

It was nice to just spend time exploring. I haven’t yet seen the cathedral or the necropolis, and this city has so many museums…

I hope I can get to it all!

Still, having too many things to do is the best sort of problem to have.

Until next time,