Land of the Thunder Dragon

By Tommy Yonash

You can be in the mountains.
The grandness and immensity of it all.
Have you ever heard
The thunder in the mountains?
Have you ever felt
The rain in the mountains?

So cold but present,
It doesn’t apologize.

You can feel the sun.
A brother of the rain,
It doesn’t apologize.
Cloudy sadness, 11:59a.
Harsh sun, 12:00p.

The Bhutanese were once scared of nature.
I understand that now.

You can taste the food.
Usually with too many green chiles.
But you’ll learn to love it.
And a new craving for spice.

Kuzampo la!
Kaden-che la.
You can meet the people.
Oh, the people.
You’ve never felt more at home.
You’ve never known such a humor.
You’ll miss the people the most.


You can see all these things.
But you have to go there.

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