Yucateca Wilting

I find myself, again, in this untouchable meadow

but today she surrendered one of her own

Her stem, petals, and thorns fit so comfortably

in the curves and wrinkles of my hand

for whatever reason, I had to care

and even though She was wilting in front of me

to go unloved, no, we were meant to be shared

She contained this warmth that blanketed my chill

and soothed my ache

I’ve always been an island

but She didn’t seem to mind being lost at sea

what was it that made my body grow closer and tighter

so that it could protect Hers

or how Her sun was setting, yet She stayed in my arms until it was time

-Your blossom was real

-Your blossom was mine

alone again.

sentenced to solitude, though forever there is our memory

where briefly our lips met

and I found wholeness

a wholeness, which I do not have yet

-For Olivia


Jacob Raether is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying social welfare. This piece was featured in the 2014-’15 print edition of Souvenirs.