Life in and around Port Elizabeth, South Africa

There is a lot we can learn from other cultures around the world. There is a great amount of diversity that we can often overlook living in our own personal lives, stuck in our own cultural habits. I had the opportunity to sit down with some dear friends of mine, Jake Kornick and Tom Grasley, and talk about their trip to Port Elizabeth, South Africa …

How to be a Chicago Tourist During the Holidays

The City of Chicago offers so many exciting experiences, especially during the wintertime. Here is a recommended list of the top five things not to miss during the Chicago holidays. Though this year’s season will be a bit different, many of these experiences are still open by reservation. Those that are closed are definitely worth checking out in the future.

Unspoken Language

Anna lives on a farm in a small town by the name of Nestelbach, which is in the district of Graz, in the Austrian state of Styria. I gazed out the window as the train passed through the rolling Alps. I began to feel frantic that I was living with my best friend’s family for an entire month, yet did not know anything about the language beside a failed attempt at Rosetta Stone.

The Gems of Perth, Australia

When it comes to cities in Australia, everyone tends to know about Sydney, but few are aware of the gem that is Perth, Australia. Located on the West Coast of Australia with 2 million residents, it is the largest isolated city in the world and a five-hour flight from Sydney.