How to stay sane while traveling with your family

If your family is anything like mine, you are close; so close, in fact, that you absolutely drive each other insane. Traveling is no exception, as you are spending ridiculous amounts of time together in such close quarters. Here are my tips for traveling with your family without going crazy.

Take advantage of alone time

It is crucial to give yourself some alone time, especially while traveling for a long period of time. This could mean waking up early, going for a walk, or even when you shower. Appreciate the moments when you are on your own and use them to relax and de-stress.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

When with your family for a while, it is easy to snap at the most minor inconvenience. For your own sanity, try to remain be as relaxed as possible. Your sister steals the shirt you were going to wear? Fine. Your mom is taking a long shower? Just go with it. Don’t get too uptight.

Think before you speak

When you do get angry, take a deep breath before you say anything. By using this moment to breathe and do a quick reflection, you could save your family from a blow-out fight. Is your cheeky comment worth ruining the great day you and your family just had?

Just apologize

When the inevitable happens and you DO snap at your family, just apologize. Trust me, your sassiness is not worth ruining your trip. Swallow your pride and just say you are sorry.

Remember that you are somewhere amazing

This one is the most important. Traveling is such an amazing opportunity. Do you want to look back at your vacation and think about fighting with your siblings or with your mom? No, you want to remember the feeling when you skydived or the taste of the best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at. Remember how lucky you are to be traveling, and this should keep you from nearly killing your crazy family.