The Alaskan Wilderness

“We seek adventure for adventure’s sake. To learn something new, to meet someone different, to see the world in a different way.”

Northern California & The Muir Woods

Photos by Karina Barretto. Several will be featured in our 2016 spring print issue.  Love Karina’s photos? Check out her other work:

Down a Blacktop Road No Name

I find comfort in thinking about a black hole far off in the milky way. A black hole where time is a spectrum that never ends. I find comfort even when it feels like I’ll never be happy again, that within that spectrum you’ll find four young souls sitting on the hood of a Buick; their eyes looking at an infinite Utah night sky. And that’s where we’ll always be.

Yucateca Wilting

I find myself, again, in this untouchable meadow but today she surrendered one of her own Her stem, petals, and thorns fit so comfortably in…