Last weekend we ventured to a new country: Spain! Our journey to Barcelona may have lasted only 36 hours, but the city impressed us enough to last a lifetime.

We rose early Saturday morning, grabbed bikes from our hostel and pedaled to an already bustling market. Everything was fresh, from blossoming dragon fruits and coconuts, to crabs still wiggling their legs, to steaming empanadas straight from the oven. I imagine heaven looks similar to this.



Next, we biked and walked to the highest point of Barcelona, Parc Guell, which is located in the Gracìa neighborhood. We wandered through gardens of succulents, graffiti and tile mosaics and enjoyed views of the city.


Afterward, we wandered to the El Born neighborhood, which is known for its artisan shops and street art. I think we could have spent an entire weekend there. Each corner displayed a unique piece of art, clothing or jewelry that was being hand painted that very second.


The El Born is also home to the Picasso Museum. Here, you can view Picasso’s development as an artist from his early re-creations of classical pieces, to his cubism and blue period phases and finishing with lesser known mediums like ceramics. This is a must if you’re visiting Barcelona.


We ended Saturday like the locals with a four hour dinner starting at 10 p.m., dancing and finally returning home around 5 a.m.

Even though we were tired, we visited La Sagrada Familia the next morning. This famous church, designed by Gaudi, left me in awe of its vast, organic and vibrant nature.



We finished Sunday with an American-style brunch, and then we wandered around flea markets until it was time to return home. I hope to visit you again, Barcelona!


About The Author

Maggie is a junior exploring degrees in physics, French and astronomy-physics with a bit of math on the side. She strives for an endless life of adventuring, regardless if that means swing dancing in Vienna, cliff jumping in the Mediterranean or researching in Germany! For the next semester she will be venturing through the European continent with her camera, searching for the delectable delights, the loveliest sights and studying French in Aix-en-Provence.

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