The Transformation Expectation

I assumed that if I went abroad an apple, I’d come back an orange, dissatisfied with anything less than a flat white and driving on the left side of the road.


Photos by Jessica Schmidt. Several will be featured in our 2016 spring print issue.

Italy Through Its Own Eyes

By Scott Bembenek The email first blinked into my inbox while I was sitting in the Vilas basement writing up a news story, as I…

Finding Your People Abroad

By Marlowe Jacobsen In my travels this past year, first on an exchange program in Copenhagen, and then second to Australia, people often ask me:…

How Fast Do You Walk?

By Matthew Johnson. Like many of you, I found myself waking up to the dreadful routines of student life we all inevitably fall victim too.…

Welcome home to Rhotia

As time goes by, Rhotia continues to linger in my mind like a strange dream of a different world—a place where everyone treats one another like family, where the moon hangs upside down in the sky, where every plant looks like Dr. Seuss invented it.