“There’s nothing more elating than waking up on one of Scotland’s rare sunny mornings knowing that you’ve got an entire weekend of freedom ahead of you.”

First Week in London

“I’ve been in London one week, and it already feels like it is a part of my soul.” Read about Katey Van Ort’s first impressions of London, England, where she will be spending her semester abroad.

Undeveloped Expectations

“Because I expected a developing country and the challenges that come with one, it was my enjoyment of Bangkok that paradoxically caused my dissatisfaction.” Danielle D’Silva shares her unexpected experiences traveling around southeast Asia.

Glasgow and Edinburgh

I’ve been here a mere six days, yet so much has happened that my seven hour flight seems like a lifetime ago. I know that,…

La Serena, Chile

Subterranean Caprice

I met a girl in the subway and we never exchanged names; I’ll never see her again. But that’s how the subway works, isn’t it? The subway promises nothing.